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Usually, filmmakers search for distribution options with digital platforms and a cinema network once they have a completed project. With our advisor's connections, we've been able to build a relationship with two organizations that are excited to showcase BRAT AMBITION on their many channels and in their venues. Yesterday, we met with one key contact and discovered what they offer in terms of reach and distribution options. We're excited to be working with these organizations.

We started filming in May 2022 with the funds we raised, but that will only take us so far.

We need your help to spread the word and if you have connections that could be a potential donor - please let us know or send them to our tax-deductible donations page, or share their contact information with us via email.

If you've got the potential to help support and would appreciate not only global programming in front of millions of families but a tax deductible donation, contact us! Or check our tax-deductible donations page, and follow the specific instructions on how to earmark it for 'Brat Legacy Films.' Even a ten dollar donation helps!

Imagine 10 dollars X the thousands of global brats at our fingertips. Help spread the word.

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