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With every great endeavor or challenge comes preparation and support. BRAT AMBITION will showcase how military dependents are shaping the world, but we can't do it without you.

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EVERY ten dollars helps!

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Brat Ambition: The Success of our Nation’s Military Dependents

Each donation level

(starting at $10) receives fantastic perks! 

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Our motivation is to tell your story. There have been many other military-dependent projects that have come before BRAT AMBITION that weren't shown in the most positive light. Help us change that!

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Join our interactive group of brats who share stories, photos, and bond over memories.


Invite your brat friends!


Click the photo for a direct link. If donating isn't something you're comfortable with but you're passionate about BRAT AMBITION, SHARE this campaign with others. EVERY share helps us widen our circle and we're grateful for each new person you've connected us to. 

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A Portion of the Proceeds...


We're proud to be in association with the American Overseas Schools Historical Society.

A portion of the proceeds from our BRAT AMBITION goes to support this worthy cause to fully document our brat life from coast to coast. Click the above photo for their site to learn more about them.

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